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All of the characters in the Brody Boondoggle series are available to answer your questions. If you’re curious about what these characters are thinking or have any advice for what they should do in the future, just ask. They’ll get back to you right away — unless, of course, they’re in the middle of an adventure, in which case they’ll only get back to you if they survive.

Graeme has a question for Gary Karton

When does the Rock of Sarraka come out?

Gary Karton:

Hi Graeme, I don't like to lie to kids so it’s difficult to give you an exact answer. How about this: I’m really working hard on it now and I’m almost exactly half way through the first draft. My goal is to finish a draft by the holidays because I’ll have a long drive and I figure that would be a good time for my kids to read it and let me know what they think. That’s always a good first step. They’re pretty honest, so if they think it’s good, I know I’m on to something. If they don’t, then it’s kind of like Groundhogs Day – I have to go back underground for a while longer and keep working. But if you want a specific answer (and I would if I were asking), the goal is to have it done for next summer. I’ll tell you what, e-mail me anytime and I’ll let you know how I’m doing. Thanks so much for asking and please let me know if you have any great ideas that I can use in the second book. Of course, I’ll give you full credit. 

Graeme has a question for Brody Boondoggle

What is your favorite spirit animal?

Brody Boondoggle:

My favorite spirit animal is whatever spirit animal powers I’m using at the time. So if I need to swim through the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the night, then my favorite spirit animal might be a harbor seal. If I have to get away from security guards by climbing a wall full of vines, then all I can think about is a spider monkey. And if I’m in the middle of a battle with my big brother, Jake, then I really like the thick skin of a rhinoceros because I try not to let it bother me if he says a thing or two that might not be so nice. But mostly, I think animals are amazing so I like them all. By the way, Jake just walked by. He wants me to tell you that he loves animals, too.  

Katelyn has a question for Gary Karton

 Is this book real?     

Gary Karton:

All the important parts are totally real. I'm sure of it.

zoe has a question for Brody Boondoggle

 what is you're favorite animal     

Brody Boondoggle:

I love all animals. Something about them that’s so cool. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be an otter.

zoe has a question for Jake

 why are you so skeptical     


Hi Zoe,  It’s a good question. I want to believe in all the magic stuff but sometimes the logical side of my brain just won’t let me. But either way the adventure was still really exciting and fun and having fun is something I totally believe in.

Alex Handley has a question for Gary Karton

 I think for book 2 you should do part 1 that you read to us today because I  thought that it was more funny than the other beginning. How many books have you wrote and will you write a big series or a small series.     

Gary Karton:

Hi Alex,  Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. This is my second book. My first one was nonfiction, so this is a little more fun. This series is going to have three books – so two more to go. I’ve got lots of ideas for other books as well, which is great but also hard because I want to write them all right now. Hopefully, I can get them all done. Thanks again for being awesome.

Sally has a question for Gary Karton

 How do you make the necklaces?     

Gary Karton:

Hi Sally,  Thanks so much for your questions. I don’t know how they’re made but I know there is some magic involved. Whenever there is something that has to do with your spirit animal, there’s magic involved. I’ll try to find out more details for you. If I can, I’ll get back to you. How do you think they were made?

shelby sawyer / Payton manning girl has a question for Uncle Skeeta

 why are you always so nice to jake when he breaks into his house.     

Uncle Skeeta:

Hi Peyton Manning girl. Thanks for asking me a question. I’m nice to Jake because I think kids are awesome. Did you see the way he handled all those puppies. It’s takes a special spirit to do that and he’s got it. Just because he’s trying to stop me doesn’t mean that I don’t respect his determination and courage. Having Jake at my house was kind of fun. And fun is good.  

shelby is awesome has a question for Gary Karton

 hi this is shelby u visited my school bradfield today and i loved your book so to the question what is the 2end and 3rd book called and what is your favorite character mine is jake and uncle skeeta.     

Gary Karton:

Hi Shelby. I loved visiting your school so we’re even. The second book is called The Rock of Sarraka and the third book is called Dr. Dave’s Vision. I have a lot of favorite characters but for now, I’ll go with Uncle Skeeta  – he wants to stop the Akaway but I think down deep inside, he really wants to embrace the spirit animal world. We’re all so complicated, which I think is really cool.

Sahana has a question for Grammy

 What is your spirt animal?     


Oh, sweetie, Gary read my your questions but I don’t have a parrot animal. A parrot would just repeat everything I say and then it would sound like an echo. Wait. What’s that? Oh, a spirit animals not a parrot animal. Yes, that would make more sense. I guess Gary never really said in the book. I’m one of the rare people whose spirit animal is an Akaway. And I consider it a great honor.

Sahana Rudra has a question for Gary Karton

 Hi! Im one of the students from a school you visted(Bradley Hills Elementry School) and i was wondering when would your next book would possibly come out? Thank you! :D     

Gary Karton:

Hi Sahana,  Thanks for questions. It was really great meeting you at Bradley. What a cool school. As you know I don’t like to lie to kids so I don’t want to give you an exact date of when the next book is coming out because if for some reason it doesn’t, I’ll feel terrible. How about this: I’m usually not really good at social media, but ask your parents to join us on Facebook or Instagram (it’s under the name BrodyBoondoggle) and I’ll give you updates on how I’m doing so you’ll have a good idea of what’s going on. Does that work? I hope so. Thanks again for being so cool. It’s a great gift.   

Hannah Soong has a question for Gary Karton

   From:   Why are they in Mexico?     

Gary Karton:

Hi Hannah,  I really want to tell you but then I would ruin the surprise for when the second book comes out. I’ll tell you what, I’m going to keep cranking away so I can get this done as soon as possible. I know it’s hard to wait. I feel really bad about that but I’ll keep doing my best.

Hannah Soong has a question for Gary Karton

 Thank for coming to my school. Bradfield. Do you remember me? I'm the girl who told you I'm like Brody and my brother is Jake.I love your book. I'm the one who gave you my pen to sign with.     

Gary Karton:

Hi Hannah,  Of course I remember you. We had a great conversation, how could I ever forget. And hooking me up with that pen was huge. I owe you one. Hang in there with your brother. Trust me, it’s very easy to tell how amazing you are and I’m sure he knows it, too, even if he has a strange way of showing it.

reuben has a question for Jake

what  is  your  spirit  animal.     


Hey Reuben,My spirit animal is an ocelot, which I love because it’s an animal that fights to the death. What's yours?

ryder has a question for Gary Karton

 do you have any brothers or sisters?   

Gary Karton:

 Hi Ryder. Yes, I’m a middle child. I have an older sister and a younger brother. But I’m very different from both of them, which is cool, although they kind of tease me about it – in a funny way. How about you? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Campbell has a question for Gary Karton

 What is your second book called?   

Gary Karton:

The second book is called The Rock of Sarraka. Do you like the title?  

Hannah Soong has a question for Gary Karton

 Where can you buy the newest last akaway?     

Gary Karton:

Hi Hannah,  One of my favorite questions. You're now head of my marketing team. The best place is to go on our website If you’re reading this, then you’re already there. Go to the home page and on the right hand side is a link where you can get the book directly from the publisher. They’ll send it right out. You can also go to or ask your local book store. If they don’t have it in stock, they’ll be able to get it for you. Thanks again for asking.

Mary Conlan has a question for Rudy

 Why did Rudy suddenly switch to Uncle Skeeta's side?     


Hi Mary. Trust me, my switch was not sudden. Brody was kind of blowing me off and that made me mad. Then he didn’t invited me to his party, which made me even madder and then we started losing to his team and that made me so mad that I was ready to listen to my Uncle Skeeta. Remember, he made some really good points about how powerful I can become – even more powerful than Brody – and I liked that. It’s really Brody’s own fault and now, he’s going to be in trouble. Maybe next time he should be a little more sensitive to his friends. Sincerely, Rudy.

Mary Conlan has a question for Gary Karton

I LOVED your book. I'm from Bradley Hills Elementary, i was just wondering if you could come to our school again to read us the 2nd one. Im in 4th grade so if you could come as fast as you can to read the next book I would be sooooo grateful. My friend Olivia said she loved the first 2 chapters and she couldn't wait to read more. I felt the same way. I bought the book for my kindle and finished it 3 days later. My favorite character was Jake because Ocelots are my all time favorite animal. On the test I got a wolf but I love wolves just as much. Well, I don't want to waste your time writing the new book, so off I go! 

Gary Karton:

Hi Mary,  Thanks so much for your e-mail. You are awesome and so is your friend, Olivia. I just want to let you know that I’m cranking away on the Rock of Sarraka and that your note is my new inspiration to finish it as soon as possible. When it’s done, I can’t think of any better place for its debut than your school. I’ll make you a deal. I’m usually not really good at social media, but ask your parents to join us on Facebook or Instagram (it’s under the name BrodyBoondoggle) and I’ll give you updates on how I’m doing so you’ll know exactly how long it’s going to take. Does that work? Thanks again for your e-mail. You are off the charts cool.   

Olivia Sitrick has a question for Gary Karton

 Hello! I'm one of the kids from the school you just visited,(Bradley Hills Elementary School) I was just wondering what the 2nd book of The Last Akaway was called? I know I can't buy it yet, but it was my friends question that she never got to ask you. 

Gary Karton:

 Hi Olivia. Thanks so much for your question. It was so much fun meeting you and visiting your school. You're an awesome friend for asking this question for your friend. I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to answer it in person. Anyway, the name of the second book is The Rock of Sarraka. I'm cranking away on it now. Let me know when you finish the first book and I'll tell you a little bit about what happens. Did you find out your spirit animal yet? I'll bet you have a very strong connection.  

Isabelle has a question for Brody Boondoggle

Was the bite that the akaway really bleedng that long?

Brody Boondoggle:

 Yes. Everything in the book is the absolute truth. But I’m glad it was bleeding because it let me know that the Akaway was still OK.  

Kate Hurley has a question for Punching Crab

How did it feel to land in the hot tub and why did you start to saying those crazy thing?

Punching Crab:

 It felt like 100 times hotter than the hottest bath you've ever taken. I started saying those crazy things because my pizza was dancing on the table of umbrella. Sorry, I don’t think I’m 100 percent yet but I’m getting better.   

Kate Hurley has a question for Felonious Fish

Why did you choose to be a fish doctor?

Felonious Fish:

 Thanks for your question. I thought it would make me happy to help my fellow fish and it did for a while. But then when Uncle Skeeta offered me a chance to capture the power of Sarraka, I had to go for it. What would you have done?  

holly has a question for Uncle Skeeta has a question for Uncle Skeeta

what food do you eat?

Uncle Skeeta:

 I love all kinds of barbecue but my favorite is pork butt.  

Parker Buckroyd has a question for Uncle Skeeta

Why did you dress up like zebras pizza?

Uncle Skeeta:

 Because it’s fun, which is sometimes the best reason to do something.   

saxton has a question for Brody Boondoggle

what is it like having the powers as any animal you want

Brody Boondoggle:

 I have to say, it’s pretty good. The best part is that I actually have the ability to make a difference for what I believe in and that’s awesome. Just so you know, you have special powers, too. I’ll bet you already use them to make a difference in the lives of people you care about the most.  

I am not telling XP has a question for Gary Karton

 Can you make a movie for the last akaway? That would be awesome! My dad is a big fan of the series along with me and if there was the last akaway the movie, I would really want to take him to it. Please make a movie!-   :D 

Gary Karton:

 Thanks so much for this questions. I would love to make a movie. Probably the best way to make it happen is for as many people as possible to read the book so tell all your friends. In the meantime, I’ll try my hardest on this end – my sister in law works in Hollywood so that’s a good start. Thanks again for all the support. You’re awesome – and so is your dad.  

Beef man has a question for Brody Boondoggle

What would you do if somebody swapped your powers into their body?

Brody Boondoggle:

 First of all, that would be horrible. But if it did happen, I’d try to get to know the person better, win their trust and find a way to get my powers back.  

Kadoy876 has a question for Gary Karton

 What would you like to ask: what does Brody's necklece look like? Or is that up to us. 

Gary Karton:

 When I was a kid I used to order away for stuff and then I’d be really disappointed that it wasn’t as cool as it seemed. So the necklaces are super cool – check out the website so you can see what they look like? There are lots of different kinds – the best thing to do is take the spirit animal quiz to see the perfect one for you.     

Jadyn has a question for Brody Boondoggle

Did Brody ever get another animal print necklace?

Brody Boondoggle:

Hi Jadyn,

Thanks for asking. I never did get another necklace, which is making it very difficult for me to get back to Sarraka to help the Akaway in his battle against Uncle Skeeta, Felonious and Rudy. But I'm trying hard and I think I just found a way to make it happen. Hopefully this idea works because we're running out of time.

lila has a question for Brody Boondoggle

Can you turn into a spirit animal?

Brody Boondoggle:

Hi Lila, I can take qualities from animals but I cannot actually transform into an animal. But maybe someday you might be even more powerful than me and be able to actually transform into your spirit animal.

Kate Davis has a question for Gary Karton


Do you remember me?

You signed my copy of The Last Akaway at a sleeping Beauty play about a year ago. My (annoying) little sisters name is Erica.



Gary Karton:

Hi Kate,

Of course I remember you. Little sisters can be that way. I saw that you asked about the next book. I'm working on it now as fast as I can. Realistically, it will be out in 2014 at some point. I don't know the exact date but I'm really hoping it's out before summer starts. I wish it could be even sooner. Thanks so much for reading the book and checking the website. You're awesome -- I'm sure you little sister agrees.